Good taste in skinny dipping spot

City talk | 22 Oct 2020

A woman was pictured skinny dipping in Shui Chuen O in Sha Tin, triggering public outrage. People called her conduct uncivilized, noting that the stream is one of the few uncontaminated ones remaining in Hong Kong.

Shui Chuen O has long been well known for its superb water quality. It became even more famous after a public housing estate in the vicinity was named after it.

The mountain stream was also brought up during a conversation when I visited the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, as it actually runs by its grounds.

University president Simon Ho Shun-man told me the water can be quite turbulent after heavy rain, and the institution's design had to take this into account. His remark prompted us to joke that the good feng shui of the running water could have helped boost the success of the university in recent years.

Ho told us tofu made with water from Shui Chuen O is particularly smooth and is rated the best among "mountain water" tofu in Sha Tin.

There was also deep fried tofu, which was so delicious when a sprinkle of spicy huai salt was added that I just couldn't wait to put it in my mouth - even if it was still too hot.

I don't know if you can still find vendors selling fried tofu in Sha Tin now, but many tea aficionados still make trips to Shui Chuen O just to get its superb water to make their cuppa.

They also notice that the taste of the water there changes subtly with the seasons, probably due to the varying amount of minerals washed into the stream from the rocks by rain.

Well, if tea connoisseurs are able to detect such minute changes, they can detect a chemical reaction caused by a naked woman bathing in the stream.

That's probably why some people who love the water from Shui Chuen O have reported feeling dizzy just from reading this odd piece of news.

Siu Sai-wo is publisher of Sing Tao Daily

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