More explosives found

Local | Michael Shum 17 Jan 2020

More explosives were found in the field of a farm in Sheung Shui with three more arrests made yesterday in connection with the pipe bomb case.

Police unearthed the explosives in a field opposite a village house as they were collecting evidence following their raid on Tuesday. The house was used as an explosives laboratory.

The three arrested yesterday were a 27-year-old wife, a 57-year-old mother and a 47-year-old maid of a suspect arrested on Tuesday. They were alleged to have conspired to manufacture explosives as they were believed to have helped in the handling of the dangerous substance.

This came after 10 people were arrested as of Wednesday after police discovered a powerful homemade pipe bomb in a Mong Kok flat that police said was capable of killing everyone inside a car.

The 29-year-old suspect, Wong Wai-yin, appeared in a Fan Ling magistrates court yesterday charged with making an explosive substance.

Also in court was Wong Kai-hin, 21, who was charged with two counts of possession of explosives after police found a powerful pipe bomb in Mong Kok. The case was adjourned to April 6.

Suryanto Chin-chiu, a bomb disposal officer, said: "At the scene, we found a bag of powder-like, yellowish substance. In addition, we believe there are some utensil fragments inside the bag.

"From our examination, we believe the 100 grams of substance is the product created with explosives of an aggressive nature."

The explosives were believed to be made from ingredients seized by the police on Tuesday.

Senior superintendent Chan Tin-chu of New Territories North headquarters, said, "The explosives were not deeply embedded in the field, at a depth of less than one meter, while it is believed to be buried recently to evade police search."

Units like force search, police dogs and quick reaction force were deployed, and the police confirmed their search has ended.

The police believed that the seized explosives were to be used in large-scale public events to attack police officers, or police-related facilities, and would result in serious casualties.

"In respect of the escalating violence by rioters, which has escalated from throwing bricks, hurling petrol bombs, using real guns, making homemade bombs to using aggressive explosives, this is appalling to learn and worrying," Chan said.

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