People flee Hong Kong - and head north

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 19 Jun 2020

Not what we expected! Huge numbers of Hong Kong people have quietly moved to mainland China - and are planning to stay.

More than 230,000 Hongkongers have applied for residence permits for China, Hong Kong's welfare minister Law Chi-kwong said this week.

Many are working people, while others are students - 15,000 young people have applied to universities in China.

This city's old folk are also moving. Guangdong alone now has more than 120,000 Hong Kong people aged 60 or older, the minister said.

Why is everyone going that way? Is this something to do with TikTok?

* * *

A reader heard from Hong Kong's High Court that his wife had been added to the juror list. This surprised him, since she passed away four months ago. He got a copy of the rules and read through them carefully.

"Nowhere does it exempt you for being deceased," he said.

This is a loophole, surely?

* * *

If you have an overseas guest who can't read Chinese, confuse them by showing them this common Hong Kong bus stop sign and ask if they are carrying sea creatures. (Spotter: Mike Leeder.)

* * *

A local Hong Kong lawyer noticed that while Donald Trump is widely disliked around the world, two groups of people are huge fans: protesters in Hong Kong and people in mainland China.

Perhaps a joint protester-mainlander Trump fan club could bring them together?

* * *

Reader Barbara Tong said she found protesters' love for Trump puzzling, especially since there are "a lot of messages circulating in WhatsApp groups that Trump is in fact a CCP agent sent to infiltrate the US and cause irreparable damage.

"Given the results he has been consistently delivering, this is believable."

* * *

Reader Ian Stenton watched the antics of Ted Hui Chi-fung and colleagues throwing rotting garbage around the Legislative Council and suggested changing the official translation slightly from Lap Fat Wui, "Legislative Council chamber," to Lap Sap Wui - "garbage place."

* * *

Reader Susan Accornero watched Australian TV news and saw the country's prime minister severely criticizing China.

This was followed by:

1) Australia's foreign minister calling for China to be lenient on an Australian drug trafficker;

2) Australia's minister for education begging for Chinese students to return;

3) Australia's minister for trade calling for China to buy local beef and barley;

4) Australia's minister for tourism asking Chinese tourists to return.

Can't we all just get along?

* * *

The Black Lives Matter debate reminded reader Everett Yeoh of our carelessness about ethnic identities.

All Africans in Malaysia tend to be called "Nigerians," he said. In Hong Kong, all white people, even if they come from America or Australia, are "Europeans" and all brown people, even those from Pakistan or Sri Lanka, are "Indians."

* * *

China can be surprisingly laid back. Reader Maitreyi Karanth reports that an Indian TV news channel had a discussion on the boycotting of China. "The program was sponsored by Xiaomi and Vivo," she said - two of China's biggest tech firms.

* * *

Thousands of people have "disappeared" during the Black Lives Matter protests, I read in a tweet forwarded by reader Tom Guendert.

The writer, named Thotlessock, writes: "Apparently 4,500 people went missing in Washington DC at the protests why is no one talking about this?" Because it didn't happen?

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