Call to Trump will be ignored we hope

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 27 May 2020

The Trumpettes seem to be back. This is a bizarre subgroup of protesters who carry placards aimed at the West and prepared by persons unknown.

Instead of reflecting the views of Hong Kong people, they often carry illogical but worshipful messages to US President Donald Trump, which is why some journalists call them the Trumpettes.

At one protest, they carried placards about "our constitution," although Hong Kong doesn't have one.

At another, they carried a banner that simply said: "Trump 2020."

On Monday, they appeared at the IFC shopping mall with placards calling for the United States to invade Hong Kong.

"US troops, pleas for help to protect HK people," the signs said in artfully misspelled English.

It's all painfully fake.

"It shows provocateurs groping for a way to get China to crackdown, in violation of the Basic Law, so they can declare yet again the death of one country, two systems," said reader Peter Fredenburg. Correct.

* * *

This t-shirt was spotted in the Shanghai metro by reader Jimmy Crain yesterday. I could never afford a private trainer, but a trivate prainer might be cheaper.

* * *

Sad to hear of the passing of Stanley Ho Hung-sun yesterday - a wonderful "larger than life" Hong Kong character whose car number plate was "HK 1."

I came to admire him not for the way he expanded his business, but the way he grew his family.

Wife Three was a nurse he employed to look after Wife One and Wife Four was a dance instructor he employed while married to Wife Three. He had 17 children the last time I counted.

* * *

Incidentally, a lot of people don't know that Stanley Ho was Bruce Lee's cousin.

While Bruce became a martial arts superstar, Stanley eventually acquired a physical skill too - he was a mean dancer, famed for his thrusting tango and his swinging cha cha cha.

Rest in peace.

* * *

Black-clad activist Brian Kern, a former Chinese International School teacher, was seen in a widely circulated video yesterday shouting at police: "Come on, kill us all, shoot me! With your big gun, shoot me. I'm so violent. I'm a violent rioter. Shoot me. Your communist master will love you."

Police, knowing exactly what he was doing, wisely ignored him.

Reader Mike Leeder also had him sussed, and wrote him a funny note via Twitter: "Dear Brian K, if the Hong Kong police are really as brutal as you claim, would you really be pulling this ****? No."

* * *

Meanwhile, in his secret identity as Kong Tsung-gan - a local "Hong Kong government school" graduate - ex-teacher Kern shared a message to "join the endgame of Hong Kong" by protesting in Hong Kong today. He also said that the protesters' fund had spent more than HK$70 million and needed more cash.

His former employer is very wealthy - they just built a new high-rise block. I wonder if he'll ask them?

* * *

Idea: when this whole virus scare has passed and there's no lockdown or social distancing or anything, let's not tell some people.

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