Drone wars are result of our investment

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 10 Jun 2019

Uh-oh. The Drone Wars are about to begin.

China has developed a jeep-like car containing a hidden swarm of "suicide drones," says a report in DefenseWorld, a website.

The swarm bursts up into the sky and the drones race at 180km to their targets.

This presages a horrific Hollywood-style end of the world battle.

But there is an upside.

The drone industry is rooted in Hong Kong.

The thriving global drone sector can be traced back to a 2005 decision to give HK$18,000 of local taxpayers' money to a Hong Kong University of Science and Technology student called Frank Wang.

DJI, the company he started in his student dorm room, today makes most of the drones on the planet.

So as the world ends in storm of aerial explosions, we Hongkongers can say: "Pretty sad and all that, but you gotta admit the tech is pretty cool."

* * *

Speaking of tech, I imagine that those little cameras designed for cars will be found on a vehicle whose number plate was sold at an auction in Hong Kong on Saturday. It said: "123 SM1LE."

* * *

Reader Graham Ford was surprised to see an ad for Guinness, an alcoholic drink, outside the Kowloon Mosque. Perhaps the devout can't read the ad from the building itself, he mused.

* * *

Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po bumped into Vladimir Putin at a conference in St Petersburg on Friday. I hope he invited the Russian president to come and stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Kowloon. Then I could use a headline I've been waiting years to use: Putin On The Ritz.

* * *

Regarding yesterday's march, it's good to see people taking political issues seriously. But the stream of gleeful Hong-Kong-is-dead obituaries from hedge fund manager Kyle Bass leave a bad taste. He forecast doom again yesterday, but as usual completely forgot to mention that his funds are massively "short" on Hong Kong, meaning that he will make a fortune if things go badly for the city.

* * *

Marine experts on Friday started releasing 16,000 fish, mostly grouper and snapper, into waters around Hong Kong.

Many have little tags with a phone number.

Agriculture and Fisheries staff are hoping that anyone who catches one will call the phone number on the fish so that movements can be recorded.

"Hello, I have recovered one of your fish. Current location: my dinner plate, between the shredded ginger and chopped chilis."

* * *

At a gallery in Tai Kwun, Central, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami is showing works featuring "phantoms writhing while spewing out bodily fluids in glorious psychedelic color." Anyone who has parented young children will have seen this sort of thing before.

* * *

A report from the Correctional Services Department on Saturday said a "male remand person" (translation: prisoner) was "put under close monitoring" (translation: "watched in the toilet") until "six packs of suspected dangerous drugs wrapped in plastic sheet were discharged from him" (translation: he pooped). I don't know how much guards are paid, but it's not enough.

* * *

The government said on Friday it added members to a special committee formed "for the purpose of advising former chief executives and politically appointed officials on their post-office employment".

Does this mean CY Leung will end up selling stamps and weighing packages at my local post office?

I do hope so.

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