Imagine that - 'support HK' messages on Prague wall

Top News | Phoenix Un 18 Jul 2019

The world's first "Lennon wall" - in the Czech capital of Prague - has been filled with slogans to support the Hong Kong anti-fugitive bill movement.

The Lennon walls - which honor the late Beatle John Lennon's message of peace - have sprouted in many districts in Hong Kong, allowing people to stick memo papers with their opinions on the "now-dead" fugitive bill and Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor.

Similar anti-fugitive bill slogans - such as "Stand for HK" - were spotted on the original Lennon wall at Prague's Mala Strana district.

"Go Hong Kong" was spotted on the wall on Friday, with the back of a man wearing a yellow raincoat drawn beside the slogan - in memory of Leung Ling-kit, who fell to his death on June 15 protesting against the bill.

Others such as "Spread the movement to all 18 districts," "Recover Hong Kong," "We'll save our Hong Kong ourselves" and "Self-determination" were posted on the Prague wall.

A message written in black read: "To the people of the Czech Republic 30 years ago, you won the fight against the communists. Now Hong Kong is fighting against Chinese tyranny. [Let's] support Hong Kong."

But someone also wrote "Shut up" beside the note.

A Hongkonger, Miss Ho, who was visiting Prague with her family in recent days, said people usually sprayed and covered previous messages on the wall.

"A pro-establishment supporter used a red pen to write the word 'traitor' on blue messages. Then a lady borrowed black paint from a local youngster to cover his words. So you never know what is on the wall today," she said.

The Diocesan Boys' School Symphony Orchestra arrived in Prague on Sunday for their music concert tour in Europe and visited the wall.

The iconic wall came about after someone drew Lennon's portrait on the structure next to the French Embassy in Prague.

The Lennon wall became the medium for Czechs to express their wish for freedom under the then-communist regime of Czechoslovakia in 1988. It was also one of the factors contributing to the Velvet Revolution a year later, which led to the peaceful end of the regime.

The Lennon wall was introduced in Hong Kong during the Umbrella movement in 2014 on Tim Mei Avenue.

The Lennon wall returned during the June 12 clash in Admiralty, and since then about 100 spots throughout Hong Kong have become Lennon walls as well.

Some pro-establishment supporters were seen punching anti-fugitive bill protesters after arguing over the wall.

Lennon walls in support of Hong Kong's movement were also set up in Berlin, Taipei, London and Manchester in Britain, and Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

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