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Education | 7 Sep 2021

Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School (CAPCL) nurtures the potential of every child by providing them with an enhanced campus, a warm and stimulating learning community, an immersive bilingual education, and a Christian character development.

“Our mission is to develop Christ-like servant leaders who set examples in speech and behaviour,” says Dr Cora Hui, Head of School. “We aim to cultivate a Christ-centred, learners-focused, and others-oriented community in which learning and teaching are relational, relevant and rigorous.”

As an international school that focuses on early childhood and primary education, CAPCL follows the rigorous Alberta English-Chinese bilingual model in Canada, and adopts approximately 65% English and 35% Chinese (Mandarin with traditional script) in its medium of instruction.

The benefits of bilingual education are manifold, as learners not only become proficient in both English and Chinese, but also develop resilience in overcoming challenges, creativity in solving problems, and confidence amidst changes in their environment.

“CAPCL learners become responsible citizens with a greater understanding of western and eastern cultures, and a broader knowledge and appreciation of different cultural values,” Dr Hui observes. “Language learning is useful in preparing students for their future, but it is also mentally stimulating, which in turn supports a growth mindset development.”
CAPCL values learning as an active, social process through which children make meaning of self, others and the world, while knowledge is co-constructed through each child’s engagement with people, places, objects and ideas.

Play is an essential medium through which children explore and participate with others and in the world. Hence, CAPCL organises an array of co-curricular activities, such as reading weeks to cultivate positive reading habits, and spiritual activities for the mind. There are also dress-up days and field trips to develop play-based learning experiences.
There is a heavy emphasis on creating the trust dynamics between teachers and children as they come together to explore, communicate, examine, question, problem-solve, and challenge what is known and what is yet to be understood.

CAPCL accords a very high priority to home-school cooperation, and maintains a close partnership with parents in nurturing, developing and shaping Godly character and spiritual values of these learners.


Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School

Locations: 2 Fu Ning Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Tel: (852) 2713 3733

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