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Education | 1 Apr 2021

Sweeping technological changes have reshaped our children’s brains, future careers, the way they play, and the way they learn. It has made a lot of skills irrelevant and others essential. So what should innovative education look like?

Innovative schools that are excellent require a balance between structure and choice, between traditional and pioneering practices, decisions that take professional expertise, continuous negotiation, and genuine concern for students as individuals.

“It is with this understanding that our team takes on the challenge of building a one-of-a-kind learning community in Hong Kong that fulfills the promise of preparing students for purposeful work and meaningful lives,” said Renée Boey, Founder and Head of School.

Future-Oriented Innovation Program

Bloom’s curriculum has an eye toward the future. We teach innovation as a commitment to see possibilities through to realities, to imagine beyond the status quo, and to create fresh value. Our project-based learning modules examine human history through interdisciplinary lens, and each cumulates in students creating a product of positive change. The program develops enduring competencies and the disposition to embrace the open-ended nature of design problems. We take risks, learn from mistakes, and have the discipline to reflect and improve – together.

“Every student has a unique and interesting perspective on our world and can solve an impossible problem – if they ask meaningful questions and are supported by robust skills that set them up for a successful future,” said Mei Chen, a former NASA engineer who is currently Bloom’s STEM Director.

Bilingualism and Dual Language Pathways

Our dual language program thoughtfully balances positive education with the academic demands of becoming biliterate in Mandarin and English. The 50/50 split reinforces our respect for both languages and different cultures and gives our students ample opportunity to function comfortably, competently, and confidently in both languages.

Positive Education

Education should be inherently positive, yet unfortunately, schools often lose sight of the real reason they exist – the students. Through explicit and implicit focus on positive education we aim to build on and enhance each child’s strengths and create a community of compassionate learners. Daily campfires as well as low student-teacher ratios allow us to focus on the whole child.

City as Campus: Weekly Field Trips

Our campus extends far beyond the classroom. Bloom students embark on weekly field trips, from visits to organic farms to science experiments at the Aberdeen Reservoirs. Students make sense of what they have learned in the classroom out in the real world and bring back questions, observations, and ideas that motivate them to pursue learning within the classroom. These regular interactions with the community also allow for positive values to be translated into caring actions.

We invite you and your children to join us and experience what educator Dave Perkins calls a “Future Wise” education.

Bloom KKCA Academy

7 Pui Tak Street, Shek Kip Mei

Tel: 2110 4788



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