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Education | 28 Sep 2020

With 150 years of heritage and a well-balanced curriculum, Malvern College Hong Kong looks primed to become one of the top schools in the city.

“Malvern offers a holistic education that delivers a rich academic and co-curricular experience for students in the great tradition of our mother school in the UK,” explains Dr. Robin A Lister, Founding Headmaster of Malvern College Hong Kong.

“From my experience, good grades don’t necessarily lead to a happy, successful and fulfilled adult life. Good education should give every child the opportunity to develop their character and personality, in addition to their academic potential. It’s this ethos which is central to the school.”

A holistic development

Malvern College Hong Kong, founded in 2018, is part of the Malvern College Family of Schools, which dates back to the opening of its mother school – Malvern College UK – in 1865. An IB (international baccalaureate) candidate school, Malvern College Hong Kong offers a globally-recognized and well-established curriculum that offers pupils opportunities to continue their studies at top universities the world over.

Dr. Lister points out that long gone are the days when students sit in classroom in rows and get fed knowledge. “The main responsibility of a school is not knowledge acquisition, but teaching students how to learn and how to apply knowledge,” he adds. This is the shared philosophy of both Malvern and the IB. 

The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities encompassing sport, art, theatre, music and IT, giving every child the means to develop skills and attributes instrumental for future life. The focus is enabled by a state-of-the-art campus, which won the 2020 Asia Pacific Property Awards for Public Service Architecture. The school is equipped with numerous science labs, two huge gymnasiums, a library extending in three different levels, an auditorium, a swimming pool and various other facilities aimed at giving every student the best possible chance to succeed and excel.

Attending to children’s socio-emotional well-being, Dr. Lister says that Malvern has developed an effective and strong pastoral system to provide the best support to pupils. Each secondary student, for instance, is paired with a senior mentor, who provides guidance for when difficulties arise at school or home.

Celebrate excellence

What differentiates a Malvern education is the unique set of values deeply embedded in all facets of the school, and eleven qualities distinctive to the community have been carefully selected, according to Dr. Lister. Among these are resilience, the ability to cope with failure and learn from it; and risk-taking, indicating children are willing to put themselves out there and explore unfamiliar domains, which Dr. Lister says is “especially important in Hong Kong where there’s a tendency to hesitate when it comes to trying out new things.”

Malvern attaches great importance to educating the whole person and ensures that every child’s potential is fulfilled in whatever areas they are passionate about. For this reason, the school applauds excellence with wide-ranging scholarships covering academic, music, sports and art categories. The maximum level of award is 100% tuition fee remission.

Seeking to build a diverse, vibrant learning community, the school also offers the Diversity Scholarship to students who bring forth rich cultural viewpoints. There is also the new Sixth Form Leadership Scholarship for the incoming Sixth Form students in August 2021, aimed at nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Leadership scholars will become the role models to peers and younger pupils.

A promising future

Turning the focus on the school’s future development, Dr. Lister says that Malvern currently holds around 800 students, and is looking to ultimately provide for around 1,200 places for both Primary and Secondary from a range of cultural and educational backgrounds.

“We maintain a close partnership with Malvern College UK in applying a shared ethos and shared educational practices,” he says. “Though impeded by Covid-19, we are working to provide students with exchange opportunities at the Malvern sister schools in the UK, Egypt and China.”

Recognizing the rapid rate in which technology is changing the world, Dr. Lister notes that it is essential for the school to be forward-looking. “Through projects and interdisciplinary learning, we impart to youngsters the skillset and tools they will need to succeed in the years ahead, where the employment market will see further integration of robotics, artificial intelligence and, above all, the need for creativity, problem solving and collaborative decision making.”

With a well-rounded curriculum, excellent teachers and facilities, and unique scholarship offerings, Malvern College Hong Kong is where your child will receive the best education possible, propelling them on the path for a successful future.


Malvern College Hong Kong

Address: 3 Fo Chun Road, Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po

Telephone: 3898 4699



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