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Business | 7 Nov 2019 11:45 am

The Global Sources Innovation Awards were held earlier in October to recognize stellar inventions that demonstrate a pioneering spirit.

In today’s digital age, we are surrounded by different gadgets and devices that all require charging after use, so quality charging products are increasingly valued. Shenzhen MiQi Electronic Co. Ltd. and Sunprotected Technology Corp. both won the Global Sources Innovation Award in the Charging Products category.

Shenzhen MiQi Electronic Co. Ltd.’s portable wireless charger for iWatch takes versatility to a new height. It combines the function of a USB with a wireless charger for iWatches. The circular white platform is where the watch can be charged. Simply lay the watch on the platform and charging will commence.

Even though it is extremely small and portable, perhaps not everyone will carry around a charger solely for charging, which is why the gadget also functions as a USB. Students or office workers can take the gadget with them around at all times to ensure that their iWatch is always charged whilst having data they need to access at arm’s length. To use the USB, simple remove the cap which is linked with the charging platform. Once in this mode, the USB cap also forms a platform so the charger can stand vertically, truly convenient.

Equally handy is Sunprotected Technology Corp.’s iLink Backup device. We have all encountered situations where accidents happen unexpectedly and all our valuable data, as well as music and photos on our phones are lost. Once plugged in, iLink functions as a charger and a backup device all in one. To charge the phone, simply plug in your phone to the USB port on iLink. While this is happening, it backs up data from your iPhone or cloud into a USB flash drive or T-flash card of your choice.

Furthermore, it also intelligently monitors iPhone battery power and manages charging status while data is being backed up. For sensitive and confidential data, iLink Backup even has integrated AES-256 bit cryptography which can be used in conjunction with PC encrypted tool Secure Master to easily lock any file in your PC.

Bhaptics Inc. won the Innovation Awards in the Connected Appliances category. If you are looking to take your gaming or movie experience to the next level, Bhaptics’ Tact Suit is the answer. The full suit includes a face cushion, torso, hand armor, feet device, and arm sleeves. They all have vibration points on them which give users a surreal effect, vibrating according to sounds in games such as explosions, tremors, and gunfire turning these activities into truly multi-sensory experiences.

That’s only the user side, for producers, they can even fully select and customize the vibration location, strength and duration to give users the best possible enjoyment when they are using their products, making it one of the most revolutionary equipments in the gaming industry.

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