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Business | 6 Nov 2019 11:45 am

More featured products from Global Sources’ trade show held in October for you to check out!

The 21st century holds an incredibly health conscious population that loves to exercise. Most people think that your attitude and technique during your workout matters the most, and while that is right, the equipment you use also makes a difference.

Fitness Training Products (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.’s mission is to produce ‘Better Product, Better Service, Better World’. Its Athena Selflock Jump Rope is made with aluminum at the handle, giving it a great grip. On top of that, the grip features a smart fitting system which connects with the rope seamlessly in a 360 degree manner. Shock absorbing material is used in conjunction with high intensity stainless steel ball bearings at the connection point. This allows maximum speed and fast rotation, and a smooth spinning motion.

After a good workout, it’s time to hydrate, and these containers will make your life so much easier when you carry around your drinks. Freshome Industrial Limited’s featured water bottle is both stylish and durable. The body is made with stainless steel, while the lid is made with silicone and wood. The bottle itself is 8*8*27cm large, and can carry ample fluids. It also has a heat keeping effect, keeping your drink hot for up to 12 hours, and warm up to 24 hours.

Last but not least, Zhongshan BAPA Living Goods Industry Co. Ltd.’s Flip Bottle is flexible in every sense. Made with elastic plastic, it is near unbreakable, great for carrying around for sports. But its highlight is definitely the fact that since the bottle’s body is so elastic, it can be twisted to make fruit juices anywhere, anytime. Simply put the fruit you wish to include in your drink in the bottle, and twist away!

Afterwards if you need to clean up the mess, it’s easier than ever as the bottle can be completely flipped inside-out. This allows thorough and speedy cleaning that takes as little as 3 seconds, the ultimate bottle for utility and convenience.

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