Get out of my taxi!

Outspoken pro-establishment legislator Priscilla Leung Mei-fun has become the latest "hate victim" in a society split over the anti-fugitive bill.

Staff Reporter

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Outspoken pro-establishment legislator Priscilla Leung Mei-fun has become the latest "hate victim" in a society split over the anti-fugitive bill.

Leung held a press conference outside the Legislative Council building yesterday about a joint petition by more than 100 pro-establishment legal-sector members, including lawyers and law students.

They condemned protesters for damaging the Legco building, describing July 1 as "the darkest day of the 176 years of Legco history."

Prominent figures who signed the petition included Basic Law Committee deputy director Maria Tam Wai-chu, Senior Counsel Cheng Huan and National People's Congress Hong Kong deputy Maggie Chan Man-kei.

Some anti-fugitive bill activists followed Leung and scolded her after the press conference ended.

An English-speaking protester tried to question Leung, but Leung shot back in English: "Are you Chinese citizen? We are Chinese! Are you Chinese citizen?"

Figo Chan Ho-wun, vice convener of the Civil Human Rights Front, shouted: "What kind of Christian are you? Did you do justice and love mercy? Where is your God? In Sai Wan? Or is it Xi Jinping or Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor?"

Leung then got into a taxi, but the driver refused to drive her. She quickly got out of the taxi and told the protesters: "You scared him!"

Chan retorted: "Carrie Lam and the China-fugitive law scared Hongkongers!"

Then Leung went into Citic Tower, shouting: "Don't create chaos again, for you will put the One Country, Two Systems to death!"

Leung could not leave, and she had to escape to the Legco building.

A Facebook post said the Canto-pop singer Alan Tam Wing-lun is upset as his fans have shattered his vinyl discs along with those of other singers who turned up for a gathering in support of the police on Sunday.

Claiming to be messages from Tam's manager, the post urged police officers or their supporters to comment on Tam's Facebook page to cheer him, after Tam gave a speech in support of the police at the rally on Sunday, thanking officers for their efforts.

Some fans posted videos of them smashing Tam's vinyl discs and CDs into pieces, and at July 1st march, marchers were also seen breaking Tam's discs at Central Lawn in Victoria Park. Singer Kenny Chung Chun-to also came under attack for attending the rally in support of police with Tam.

Apart from fans shattering his discs, netizens also urged authorities to reconsider his performance visa, as Chung will hold a concert in Los Angeles in August.

In a media interview, former Legco president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing said one of the main reasons for the crisis is that there is no universal suffrage in the city, which has led to growing resentment in society.

He suggested the government reactivate constitutional reform. Lam could consider a special pardon for protesters in the anti-fugitive clashes.

The convener of the Independent Commentator Association, Bruce Lui Ping-kuen, said the social rift was even more serious than that during the 2014 Occupy Movement as it also concerned problems of law enforcement by police and governance of the SAR government.

"The source of problem is the reaction of the police, that they did not give way at all," Lui said.

Political commentator Ivan Choy Chi-keung said the atmosphere was different from 2014, as there were more centrist citizens who sympathized with the protesters.

"The core supporters on both sides are even more passionate than in 2014, but there is not as much backfire in public opinion as in Occupy Movement," Choy said.

"The current problem is that people lack trust in the government, and there is no turning back."