A caring school that is moving ahead with confidence

You can tell a lot about the quality of a school when its mission emphasises its belief in helping students find passion in their learning, foster their vision in life, and encourage them to take positive action.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

You can tell a lot about the quality of a school when its mission emphasises its belief in helping students find passion in their learning, foster their vision in life, and encourage them to take positive action.

Established in 1994, Korean International School (KIS) is a non-profit, non-denominational and co-educational organization that provides quality education to children of all nationalities, aged from 4 to 18, with a through-train approach in two separate streams – the International Section and the Korean Section.

“Based on our core values of honesty, integrity, courage, participation and collaboration, we are an international community of learners who respect the diversity of experiences and perspectives of one another,” says Christopher Chadwick, Principal of the International Section at KIS.

KIS offers a number of curricula, including the British National Curriculum for ages 4-18, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), the Cambridge Curriculum, and ASDAN (Springboard Secondary Programme).

“Students benefit from the UK curriculum because it is strong, stable and academically driven, while IPC is thematic, fun and innovative,” Chadwick observes. “On the other hand, ASDAN is an evidence-based curriculum that promotes the development of life and practical work skills.”

Guided by well-trained and experienced educators, students learn in a caring environment with support in language, career guidance and counselling when necessary. They thrive in the comprehensive range of facilities that include library, ICT suite, STEM room, 3 Science laboratories, 2 Art studios, Multimedia lab, Drama Studio, swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, football pitch, gymnasium, and multi-purpose sports area.

KIS believes that school year is the crucial period for children to build a solid foundation in lifelong health and wellness, an aspect of education that is often overlooked in the Hong Kong system. “In this respect, KIS is seeking to be at the forefront of the revolution,” explains Chadwick. “We go beyond the physical notion of health to encompass what’s appropriate for students to learn about holistic well-being, with initiatives stretching to such themes as yoga, mindfulness, dancing, cooking, nutrition, and more.”

To cope with the pandemic, KIS strictly abides by the guidelines of the Education Bureau and the Centre for Health Protection. It has established staggered and extra channels for arrivals and dismissals, social distancing both on and off campus, and confinement rooms. “We want KIS to be a happy and healthy school,” Chadwick emphasises.

There are also school-wide wellbeing events and safeguarding training for the school community which includes not just students, but also parents and staff members. External clinical psychologists, for example, are invited to provide workshops for parents on topics such as parental burnout.

During these trying times, KIS has strengthened its communication with parents through various virtual platforms and electronic means such as the online ‘Meet the teachers night’, whereby they are updated on how the school is moving forward and overcoming difficulties.

“We are earnestly looking forward to post-Covid days when we can re-convene a host of co-curricular activities spanning sports, science, music, creative arts, traditional and modern dances, Asian and Western languages, and a whole lot more,” says Chadwick. “That’s how we nurture the whole person in our students.”

‘Our record shows that universities around the world are pleased with the quality of KIS graduates who have successfully moved on to leading educational institutions in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, the UK, the US, and elsewhere.” Chadwick notes.

Looking ahead, Chadwick says KIS will be strengthening its curriculum with new courses, and applying for whole-school accreditation. At the same time as it develops its current campus with renovation of facilities for the future, the school will also be searching for a new campus to meet its expansion needs.

“Our objective is to establish KIS as a beacon school in Hong Kong that others would look on as an example,” Chadwick concludes.


Korean International School - International Section

Address: 55 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong

Tel: 2569 5500

Website: www.kis.edu.hk/is