Yangtze River Piano selected to be one of the appointed pianos used for The XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition

While playing piano has become immensely popular in the past decades, China was in lack of an established piano manufacturer of her own.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

While playing piano has become immensely popular in the past decades, China was in lack of an established piano manufacturer of her own. Imbued with an indubitable passion, and after ten years of dedicated effort, Yangtze River Piano Brand has succeeded in becoming the epitome of exquisite Chinese instrument craftsmanship and a reflection of China's enthusiasm for classical music.

Recognized by international musicians and prestigious music conservatories in the world, Yangtze River Piano has been invited to be one of the appointed pianos to be used for the 16th International Tchaikovsky Competition. Professor Li Ming Qiang, an eminent Chinese classical pianist, notes, "To be selected as one of the pianos for the rigorous competition is a demonstration of Yangtze River's worldwide acclaim and fine craftsmanship."

Held once every four years, the International Tchaikovsky Competition, first held in 1958, is dedicated to the famous Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The competition is not only a valuable asset of Russian musical culture, but also one of the major events on the international music calendar. Specializing in piano, violin, cello, voice, woodwinds and brass instruments, the Competition has conferred international fame on outstanding representatives of the performing arts of the modern era. The XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition will be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the second half of June, 2019.

Launched in 2009, the national piano brand Yangtze River upholds Parsons Music's mission of creating 'World-class and China's best' high-quality piano to promote music culture. Truly understanding piano and classical music, Terence Ng and Arling Ng, presidents of Parsons Music Corporation, have created the unprecedented Yangtze River piano brand,. It is a brand that provides pianos with diverse combinations of touch, tone and appearance, aiming to cater to every pianist's needs and wants.

"Yangtze River Pianos make music come alive in every repertoire," says Denis Matsuev, winner of the XI International Tchaikovsky Competition and Chair of Jury (piano) of the XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition. He is impressed with the possibilities brought by Yangtze River Pianos. "The piano has something unique about it. I was overwhelmed by its rich complexity in tonal colour and variety in dynamics. Yangtze River Pianos are being empowered with the magic of generating sounds from ppppp to fffff."

Other prominent musicians and music professionals are equally appreciative of the brand. "Blending glassy and bright high notes; rich and warm middle notes; and dynamic low notes, Yangtze River pianos generate satisfying harmony to one's ears," says Professor Chan Wing Wah, JP, a music educator, composer and conductor.

Savio Lau, Editor (Music Section), Hi Fi Review says, "Yangtze Piano can bring out the full potential of every great musician with its utmost tonal balance as well as its wide range of volume and projection."

Chow Fan Fu, the city's renowned music critic, is a firm believer that Yangtze Piano exhibits tremendous potentials of made-in-China pianos, hence helping local brands to shine internationally.

Yangtze Piano takes pride in the key role it plays in the upcoming international competition, and pledges its commitment to a continued refinement in its craftsmanship.

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