Games in 2021 losing appeal to Tokyo residents

Sports | AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 30 Jun 2020

Over half of Tokyo's 9.2 million residents do not think the postponed 2020 Olympics should be held next year if the results of a limited poll announced yesterday can be rated a realistic guide.

A majority think either a further delay or outright cancellation because of fears over the coronavirus would be in order, according to a telephone poll by Kyodo News and Tokyo MX television. There were 1,030 responses.

The findings came after health experts warned that even a 12-month delay may not be sufficient to hold the Olympics safely.

The poll conducted at the weekend found 51.7 percent of respondents hope the Olympics in 2021 are postponed again or cancelled, while 46.3 percent want to see a rescheduled event go ahead.

Of those who said they want to see the Olympics next year, 31.1 percent said the event should be in a scaled-back form, including without spectators, while 15.2 percent wanted a full Olympics.

Japan and the International Olympic Committee say it would not be possible to postpone again, and the delay has already created huge logistical headaches.

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