Tokyo Olympics will wear some well-used looks

Sports | 12 Jun 2019

Tokyo Olympic organizers announced earlier their medals would be made of discarded electronic devices. Now they are going a step further.

The podiums athletes will mount to receive medals next year in Tokyo will be made primarily of recycled household plastics.

Organizers expect to build about 100 podium sets - contraptions comprising gold, silver and bronze medal platforms - with the recycled plastics reinforced with aluminum. Organizing committee chief executive Toshiro Muto also said the discarded plastics would be collected at 2,000 retail stores.

The medals are being made from smartphones, digital cameras and laptops.

Muto also warned countries on cannabis.

"There are countries and regions around the world that have relaxed rules recently on the use of cannabis," he said, but "the use of cannabis constitutes a violation of the law in Japan."

Muto said the topic was raised by a member of the Tokyo 2020 executive board as something to be transmitted to countries ahead of their team arriving in Japan for games.

Cannabis rules in Japan are strict, with up to five years' prison for personal use and seven years for dealing.


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