HK Sixes back on - 'Maximum entertainment' vowed

Sports | 29 Jun 2017

The Hong Kong Sixes returns in October following a five-year absence with the promise of a bigger and better show.

The fastest cricket format in the world will take center stage on October 28 and 29 at the Kowloon Cricket Club and take advantage of improvements in digital technology to give the Sixes a distinctly new identity.

"Everyone in the cricket community in Hong Kong is delighted to have the Sixes confirmed as being back on our calendar," Cricket Hong Kong director Jonathan Cummings said.

"We love what the Sixes was and are passionate about bringing the best bits with us, but we won't be satisfied putting on the same show as in 2012.

"This will be the Sixes 2.0 and over time we want to make this the most hi- tech, innovative cricket tournament in the world.

"The emergence of Twenty20 leagues around the world is great, but this is an opportunity to create a different a experience for cricket lovers and to engage new fans to the sport.

"It's a format where we aren't bound by the traditional rules of the game, so we will design everything to provide maximum entertainment value and engagement."

Organizers are hoping that the Sixes can top viewing figures enjoyed by the highly successful Hong Kong T20 Blitz in March, which attracted 12 million views online from live streams.

The nature of the Sixes format is also targeted at the sport's new fans in the city, with the abbreviated version of the game an ideal introduction to cricket.

"We see the Sixes as a key cog in our local engagement strategy," Cummings said. "We've already launched the Junior Cricket Sixes into local schools and we look forward to connecting that program with the October event.

"Anyone can enjoy Sixes cricket - lots of big hits and great entertainment with no breaks, so you don't need to have grown up loving the game to enjoy it. We think it has a role to play within the region in promoting the sport."

The Sixes will return to the KCC, which hosted all but one of the tournaments between 1992 and 2012.

"It is hoped that the return of the Sixes will fill the niche market for the shorter form of the game in Hong Kong of which the Sixes has previously been the showpiece," said club president David Brettell. "KCC is in full support of Cricket Hong Kong's efforts to reinstate the event."

Grandstands and corporate boxes will be built in addition to the existing pavilions at the ground.

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