Old-timers shine in Trek's journey

People | ASSOCIATED PRESS 22 Jul 2019

An emotional Patrick Stewart said he was deliriously happy to be returning to Star Trek a generation later, declaring that "you cannot have too many franchises in a career."

British actor Stewart, 79, will reprise his fan-favorite role as Jean-Luc Picard in CBS's Star Trek: Picard after almost two decades.

His voice choking, Stewart said he had felt reluctant to return to the multibillion-dollar sci-fi franchise until meeting a writing team including Pulitzer-winning author Michael Chabon.

"As soon as we began talking in the writers' room, that powerful emotion came surging back," he said.

The trailer revealed the surprise return of other popular characters including Data (Brent Spiner) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan). Unseen footage showed an age-worn, soul-searching Picard struggling to adjust to life back on Earth.

Elsewhere, producers of The CW's Batwoman screened a pilot of the first superhero TV show led by an openly lesbian character. The pioneering show has stirred controversy in some of the internet's darker depths.

Star Ruby Rose missed the event due to other work, but executive Caroline Dries said the studio was proud to promote diversity.

HBO revealed a trailer for season three of smash futuristic sci-fi Westworld, where the action has shifted from a Wild West-inspired theme park to one set under Nazi occupation.

New cast member Aaron Paul said joining the show had been an "out of body" experience. "I'm such a psychotic fan of Westworld," said the Breaking Bad actor, who plays a construction worker.

TBS unveiled thriller Snowpiercer, in which survivors circle a post-apocalyptic frozen Earth in a continuously rolling train.

Based on a 2013 film and starring Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly, the TV show depicts conflict between the train's starkly divided classes.


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