Net installed as 'Covid victims' found floating on Ganges

World | AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 13 May 2021

Authorities installed a net across the Ganges river in Bihar state of northern India after dozens of bodies of suspected Covid-19 victims washed up.

The discovery of 71 corpses stoked fears that the virus was raging unseen in the rural hinterland containing two-thirds of India's population. Locals suggested that relatives released the bodies in the river because of overwhelmed crematoriums and the high costs of a traditional cremation.

Bihar's water resources minister Sanjay Kumar tweeted yesterday that the state's government was "pained at both the tragedy as well as harm to the river Ganges."

He added that postmortems confirmed the corpses had been dead for four to five days.

Twenty-five more bodies were found in Uttar Pradesh state.

India's official Covid-19 death toll soared past a quarter of a million yesterday, but experts believe the actual number is several times higher. That's because the surge has spread beyond major cities into rural areas with few hospitals and sparse records.

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