Honeymoon's never over for Taiwan pair

World | AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 22 Apr 2021

Keen to make the most of a statutory break for newlyweds a couple in Taiwan maximized their honeymoon by marrying four times in a month.

Their story highlights a loophole as Taiwan firms are legally obliged to offer eight days of paid leave to newlyweds.

But a bank employee claimed 32 days of leave because over a period of 37 days he and his partner were married four times and divorced three times. He demanded eight days for each marriage.

The bank balked so the employee appealed to Taipei's Labor Department, which fined his employer NT$20,000 (HK$5,520) for violating regulations. For there's no legal restriction on how often one can apply for marriage leave. But the bank, only willing to offer eight days off, argued the employee abused the law.

The case sparked heated criticism of the employee on social media, with one arguing "he should be granted sick leave rather than marriage leave."

The Labor Department then revoked the fine against the bank.

But without any blushing, the bridegroom has now quit the bank and called the Labor Department to complain his former employer owes him 24 days of leave.

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