Worker rescues boy from onrushing train

World | AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 21 Apr 2021

An Indian railway worker was hailed as a superhero after he sprinted more than 30 meters along a track to grab a boy from the path of an express train.

The rescue by Mayur Shelke, 30, was captured by CCTV and went on social media.

The rescued boy, 6, was with his partially sighted mother at Vangani station, 70 kilometers east of Mumbai, when he fell off a platform on to the rails.

Shelke, whose job is to check signals, was alerted by cries from the mother and raced along the track to grab the boy, throwing him up to the platform and climbing clear himself barely two seconds before the Udyan Express thundered by.

"I saw the kid and the train speeding toward him," Shelke said. "There was no time to think. I was determined to save him."

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