US-bound migrant caravan broken up

World | AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 20 Jan 2021

Guatemalan security forces broke up a caravan of about 4,000 Honduran migrants trying to reach the United States through Central America on foot.

Police advanced on the group in a coordinated move, striking batons against their shields to make an intimidating noise. Some regrouped to resume their quest for a better life further north, while thousands began returning to Honduras.

A woman named Angie, 21, said she was returning to Honduras to try and officially document her entry into Guatemala. "I want to continue to the United States, I don't want to stay in Guatemala," she said.

The caravan has been held up since Saturday at Vado Hondo in southeast Guatemala.

Desperate to escape poverty, unemployment, gang violence and the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes, the migrants aim to walk all the way to the US. They are hoping for a warmer welcome and a better life in the America of President-elect Joe Biden after years of anti-immigrant rhetoric by Donald Trump.

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