Death toll rises as fighting rages

World | AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 29 Sep 2020

Azerbaijani and Armenian forces battled for a second day yesterday after many casualties were claimed in fighting that has raised fears of an all-out war between the bitter foes.

The two have been in a territorial dispute over the ethnic Armenian region of Nagorny Karabakh in the south Caucasus for decades.

Defense officials in both countries said intense clashes continued after erupting on Sunday along front lines.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev yesterday ordered partial military mobilization, and General Mais Barkhudarov vowed to "fight to the last drop of blood to destroy the enemy."

Armenian separatists said 28 more of their fighters were killed, bringing their military death toll to 59.

The total death toll rose to 68 including nine civilian deaths, seven in Azerbaijan and two on the Armenian side.

World leaders have urged calm, fearing a full-scale conflict could draw in Russia and Turkey.

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