Girl goes viral after fending off Taleban

World | AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 23 Jul 2020

An Afghan girl shot dead two Taleban fighters and wounded several more after they dragged her parents from their home and killed them for supporting the government, officials said.

The incident happened last week when insurgents stormed the home of Qamar Gul, a teenager from a village in the central province of Ghor.

The fighters were looking for her father, the village chief, local police head Habiburahman Malekzada said.

Her father was a government supporter, which is why the Taleban fighters went to his house and dragged him out, Malekzada said.

When his wife resisted, the Taleban fighters killed the couple outside their home, Malekzada said.

"Qamar Gul, who was inside the house, took an AK-47 gun the family had and first shot dead the two Taleban fighters who killed her parents, and then injured a few others," he said.

Gul is aged between 14 and 16, according to different officials. It is common for many Afghans to not know their precise age.

Several other Taleban fighters later came to attack her house, but villagers and pro-government militiamen expelled them after a gunfight.

Security forces have now taken Gul and her younger brother to a safer place.

Since the incident, social media networks have been flooded with praise for Gul's "heroic" act.

A photograph of Gul, wearing a headscarf and holding a machinegun across her lap has gone viral in the past few days.

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