Visits by US ships to Hong Kong refused

World | AGENCIES 15 Aug 2019

Beijing has denied a request for two US Navy ships to visit Hong Kong in the coming weeks.

American officials has asked that the transport dock ship Green Bay be allowed to visit the SAR this month and the guided-missile cruiser Lake Erie in September.

There was no reason given for the rejections, but such refusals are not new.

The last time Chinese officials denied a port visit by a US ship to Hong Kong was for the assault ship Wasp in September 2018. But the command ship Blue Ridge visited in April.

The move comes as US public opinion of China has plummeted amid a surge in strategic and trade tensions in recent years.

The Pew Research Center said 60 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of China - the most since the first survey 14 years ago and up from 47 percent 12 months ago.

More Americans see China as a military threat than an economic menace despite an ongoing showdown over trade.

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