Illegal oil seller in Taiwan death leap

World | AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE 25 Jun 2019

Taiwanese officials expressed regret after a businessman convicted over oil sales to North Korea leaped to his death.

Authorities launched a probe into Chen Shih-hsien after Seoul detained a Hong Kong-registered ship said to have transferred oil to a North Korean vessel, flouting UN sanctions.

Chen, 54, was indicted on forgery charges for making a false declaration that a ship he chartered was bound for Hong Kong when it actually sailed to international waters to sell the oil.

A court in Kaohsiung last month sentenced him to 119 days in prison, suspended for two years. It was in Kaohsiung around 10am on Saturday that Chan jumped to his death from a residential building. He left a suicide note.

Chen’s case revolved around the ship Lighthouse Winmore - impounded in late 2017 by South Korean authorities after it transferred 600 tonnes of oil to a North Korean vessel. The ship was chartered by Billions Bunker, which was ran by Chen.

Chen insisted he was “framed by China” and attempted suicide in January last year when authorities froze his assets.

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