Peking University sacks vocal US prof

World | Reuters 19 Jul 2018

An American professor and vocal critic of Beijing's censorship said he lost his job at prestigious Peking University and is leaving China.

Christopher Balding, who had taught for the past nine years at the university's HSBC School of Business in Shenzhen, said in a blog post that his contract has not been renewed.

Balding said he received an "official" reason for the non-renewal when he was notified early last November. "I know the unspoken reason for my dismissal," he wrote, adding: "You do not work under the Communist Party without knowing the risks."

Officials at Peking University in Beijing and at the business school campus in Shenzhen could not immediately be reached for comment.

Under President Xi Jinping, Beijing has stepped up censorship and tightened controls on the internet and various aspects of civil society, as well as reasserting Communist Party authority over academia and other institutions.

Associate professor Balding has been a critic of China's economic and trade policies, as well as of what he perceived as increasing surveillance and censorship. He is a high-profile voice on the Chinese economy, with an active Twitter account with more than 17,000 followers, as well as regular Bloomberg columns.

He is also widely quoted in media.

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