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City talk | Susan Liang 23 Apr 2021

Given the pandemic, I have had time to explore Hong Kong and I found it has the most beautiful parks and walks in Asia.

It is also the safest city thanks to our police force and the general integrity of the people of Hong Kong.

In the morning, you can see deliveries of fresh food left unattended outside restaurants and nobody trying to steal them.

I can recommend a walk along the promenade from Sai Wan Ho to Tai Koo Shing, which has the best and cheapest food hall in Hong Kong operated by Apita.

You can literally find everything there, air-conditioner filters included, at bargain prices, and the variety of goods there is really quite amazing.

The Don Don Donki experience is different and you can only find your way out by looking at the arrows on the floor, but that takes the fun out of shopping and the place is too claustrophobic for me.

All the shopping malls run by the Swire Group are well run spaced out with decent toilets, unlike Man Yee Building, which only has one toilet on the third floor.

These are things that puzzle me and I wish there is an information bureau in Hong Kong so people can write in to ask why, for example, some industrial buildings or government buildings are empty while people are living in subdivided units and the government wants to reclaim land at east Lantau.

For cheap and good shopping, I recommend Tai Koo Shing and the outlet at Tung Chung.

I wonder why the cruise terminal at Kai Tak is not put to better use, like AIA Park with its dinosaur park and ferris wheel. It also has an outdoor drive-in movie to entertain the children in Hong Kong, whose schooling has been interrupted by the pandemic.

Why can't something similar be done at the cruise terminal?

Whenever I hire a yacht to anchor off the terminal, I always see beautiful fishes jumping out of the water, which is truly amazing.

I was also offered a hiking weekend to Sai Kung, where there are many famous peaks, but I declined as I am a city dweller, and it is not worth the ache and pain you will suffer after the hike unless you do it on a regular basis.

And if you sprain your ankle, make sure the X-ray shows no fractures and then call on any of the bone setters in Hong Kong, who do a decent job at very reasonable prices.

Mine is in Wellington Street on the first floor above Pizza Express, and the sifu only charges between HK$350 and HK$400 per session, but you need to speak Chinese.

Now that we will not have democracy any time soon, we should at least have a debate on all sorts of things that Hong Kong should have, like better television programs.

I wish they bring back Police Watch, whereby the force alerts you to the latest scam and how not to fall for it.

It can also have a good debate, whereby the head of the department answers concerns expressed by the public, like why in spite of the recent court case involving the murder of a five-year-old girl by her father and stepmother, the government still drags its feet over compulsory reporting by a school when a student is missed.

Our education chief is not able to give a straightforward answer on this, which would have saved her life and which is already the law in other countries.

Accountability is the next best thing to democracy and we need it now.

Susan Liang is a lawyer who likes to speak her mind on issues that concern the man on the street

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