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City talk | Terence Chang 22 Oct 2020

Daisy To attended school in Hong Kong, so she is trilingual and biliterate. In fact, multiple dialects are spoken in her family.

"I speak Cantonese with my father and Shanghainese with my mother, who speaks Sichuanese with my sister.

"My two children attend international school in Shanghai, so they naturally speak English.

"They can also speak to me in Putonghua and know some Cantonese too, but rarely have the opportunity to speak it," she told me.

To is an "investment consultant training professional."

"I talked about how to market a product. In this day and age, you can't rely on hard selling. I coach students on how to think about the proper way of doing things from the client's perspective."

Speaking has been a big part of To's career. She has previously worked at radio stations, including RTHK.

"My career spans broadcasting, public relations, the financial sector and lecturing.

I enjoy my work. In the past, I hosted seminars at hotel banquet halls, and spoke on management at auditoriums at universities and banks.

"Now, I conduct lectures online, targeting bank managers, investors and business management students.

"Sharing relevant knowledge and getting positive feedback is the best reward I get from my work," she said.

She sent me a certificate of her credentials, which sets out her academic, lecturing and training experience.

It is not for "intimidating" people, but to testify to the fruit of her hard work in over a decade.

"I have taught over 10,000 hours of classes, worked as a paid training coach counselor for over 400 hours, and have over 50,000 students," she said.

Everyone calls her Du Lao Shi - Madam Teacher To.

Her seminars are very popular, probably because she does not "recycle" teaching material, but custom-makes new ones according to each enterprise's needs.

She uses a diversified, interactive teaching mode with coaching-style questioning technique and case studies to stimulate students to think and rely on the theory and knowledge they have learned to solve financial problems.

When the pandemic is over, I think I will go to Shanghai to attend To's lectures to observe this popular trainer in action.

However, she doesn't consider being an outstanding teacher a great achievement. "To me, success is to live every day well, in the way I like," she said.

Terence Chang Cheuk-cheung is the retired headmaster of Diocesan Boys School

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