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City talk | Terence Chang Cheuk-cheung 4 Jun 2020

I don't see Kitty Ip Kit-hing very often and every time I see the media veteran, she is busy working on a project and calmly directing her team.

I have told Ip she is definitely a real master. She laughed and replied that she isn't, but would not object if I called her a helpful person. "We have a team of people working together to do a good job. I believe in teamwork."

One such fruit of their teamwork is the HiEggo YouTube channel hosted by Lawrence "Ah Dan" Cheng Tan-shui to provide health information about the Covid-19 pandemic to the public.

"Around the time of the Lunar New Year holidays, there was a deluge of information about the epidemic. Some were accurate, but much of it wasn't. False information could mislead the public and cause unnecessary panic," Ip said.

"A few of us in the media felt that we must speak up, so we produced the HiEggo show to provide the public with accurate health information. Cheng hosts the program, while we do the production. Our teamwork has worked and the project has achieved the results we hoped for."

As a veteran television producer, producing a show must be a piece of cake to her. She told me for a show to be successful, every aspect must be right - the right timing, the right people, and the right conditions and weather.

She cited Sam Hui Koon-kit's online show as an example. "The event was originally meant to raise money to financially support the technical staff of the music industry. But it turned into a grand event in town and even globally.

"Within the short duration of eight days, what seemed to be mission impossible turned into a possible dream."

That was the marvel of teamwork.

Then Aaron Kwok Fu-shing approached her and her team over the possibility of staging another show.

"He wanted to cheer up Hongkongers and help boost the morale of medical workers. The Hong Kong spirit is clearly demonstrated in the current anti-pandemic efforts, and it is touching. Our team was only doing whatever we could to help Hui and Kwok. They are the true masters."

She said every show - big or small - demands complete attention to every detail. Whether or not a show is good depends on the effort you put in, she said, and the viewers can always tell.

Terence Chang Cheuk-cheung is the retired headmaster of Diocesan Boys School

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