Following in the footsteps of Mulan

City Talk | 1 Nov 2016

Hua Mulan is a heroine who took the place of her father and joined the army.

Her experiences are described in a famous Chinese poem known as the Ballad of Mulan.

In ancient China, armies were filled through civilian recruitment.

It was during a period of war when the khan of the Northern dynasty ordered the army to go on a recruitment drive to bolster forces to ward off incursions by neighboring nomads.

However, Hua Mulan's father was old and she didn't have an elder brother to go and fight.

So Mulan decided to disguise herself as a man to join the army to replace her father.

Many years later, the battle was over.

In view of her military success and leadership qualities, the khan of Northern dynasty offered Mulan a high official position, but she turned down the offer to return to her family.

She went back to normal after coming back home.

When her former comrades visited her at home, they were shocked to see her dressed as a woman.

Hua Mulan had been highly respected as a filial daughter by the Chinese for hundreds of years.

In 1998, her story was adapted for an animated cartoon by Disney to inspire many people all over the world.

Two main messages are needed to be addressed here.

One is obviously the value of filial piety as practiced in the Chinese tradition.

And secondly, women are not as weak as we always thought!

They have courage and leadership and are equally as visionary as any man.

I often encounter many single female customers and single mothers who want to improve their chances in relationships as well as starting families.

Perhaps I would ask them to learn a little from Mulan, when she gets the job done she once again became a daughter of her father!

Balance between a career and a family is the key word here, and more often than not the family should come first, whether you like it or not!

Kerby Kuek has published 15 books on feng shui, inner alchemy, Taoism and metaphysics. He can be contacted at

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