Planting seeds of discontent

City Talk | 18 Oct 2016

This is another famous ancient Taoism story that has inspired many people.

In China, there was once an old farmer who tended to acres of crops.

Each morning, he went to the field to watch the crops grow.

He noticed the seedlings growing little by little each day.

He thought they were growing too slowly and became impatient with the young plants.

"How can the plants grow faster?" he wondered.

Bothered by this question, he couldn't fall asleep.

Suddenly he got an idea, and he couldn't wait to put it into practice, so he jumped from the bed and rushed to the field.

One by one, he pulled up the young crops by half an inch under the moonlight.

He did not finish pulling until the next morning.

Straightening his back, he said to himself: "What a wonderful idea! Look, how much taller the plants have grown in one night!"

With great satisfaction, he returned home.

He triumphantly told his son what he had done, but his son was shocked.

For the sun had risen, and the young man was heartbroken at the spectacle of seeing all the young plants dying.

To "grow crops by pulling" describes the behavior of those who are so eager to get something done only to find that their actions have only made matters worse.

Too much interference by man violates the laws of nature, and mechanical methods can't solve all agricultural problems.

In many of my feng shui meetings with clients, poor people want to become rich and rich people want to become much richer!

I have to explain that it is not that simple.

You reap what you sow, and feng shui only serves to help you to smooth the way and hopefully lessen the hassles.

Feng shui consultations also elevate confidence in achieving desired outcomes.

Kerby Kuek has published 15 books on feng shui, inner alchemy, Taoism and metaphysics. He can be contacted at

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