Lessons to learn from pioneers

City Talk | 6 Sep 2016

Zhuangzi is considered a pioneer of Taoism along with Lao Tzu.

Knowledge of Taoism is also known as Laozhuang, which is short for Lao Tzu and Zhuangzi.

Some of Zhuangzi's most famous quotes and stories follow to enlighten readers.

His famous quote on the Tao is: "Fishes are born in water, man is born in Tao.

"If fishes, born in water, seek the deep shadow of pond and pool, all their needs are satisfied."

This is like telling humans that we are born in the Tao without even realizing it.

And that is similar to fishes swimming in water without realizing the existence of water.

That also applies to birds.

When they are flying they won't realize the existence of the wind.

We always take advantage of water and air that we drink and breathe.

Without basic and essential free air and water, we would not be living.

Treasure these and you will treasure Tao.

Let us examine the next statement:.

"If man, born in Tao, sinks into the deep shadow of non-action,

"To forget aggression and concern, he lacks nothing, and his life is secure."

This little statement carries a mega message about Tao, in particular non- action.

However, non-action does not mean that one is not doing anything.

It simply means do not do things for self-interest alone, and do not do things that violate the laws of nature.

This non-action will allow you to do anything that will have the desired outcome for all concerned.

As we come naked into this world, we will leave this world naked as well.

The only thing that one will leave is his or her legacy, if any.

Feng shui and metaphysics are part and parcel of Tao.

Since we acknowledge that we know only 4 percent of this world, metaphysics plays an essential part in explaining the world, hopefully the right way, to readers.

Kerby Kuek has published 15 books on feng shui, inner alchemy, Taoism and metaphysics. He can be contacted at www.kerbykuek.com

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