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City Talk | 2 Feb 2016

Two questions have always been addressed to me over the past 20 years.

Is feng shui a miracle? The straight answer is no. No legitimate practitioner will promise that feng shui can perform miracles.

Can you earn a living without going to work? Can your business venture succeed without the proper attitude, hard work, business acumen and wisdom? The answer is obvious.

Feng shui serves as a tool to create synergies that attract opportunities conducive to enhancing your wealth, health and happiness. If you are a heavy drinker and smoker and yet want feng shui to enhance your health, that is rather ridiculous.

The second question many have asked is: Do feng shui items work? The answer is perhaps. The use of such items should fulfill the following three criteria.

Her, or peace, is to ensure the energy of all in one or peace.

Shun or docile, must not challenge the law of nature.

Cai or fortune, must be coiled with income or monetary symbols. The use of such items is to fence off unkind energy and generate kind energy.

Next is the use of yin and yang and five elements. Weeks ago I touched upon the 92 light spectra that shine on earth, including the energy of the five elements, which impact on each individual and their different needs.

The element that is not in your favor should be xie or drained away while the element that is in your favor should be bu or nourished. Yin and yang are the basis of Chinese medicine.

Qi, the Chinese word "without fire," refers to early energy or pre-birth and the word with "rice" refers to latter-day energy or after-birth. They both refer to cosmic energy or breath, the formless and invisible matter in the universe.

In feng shui the subtle energy radiated or permeated from different settings, orientations, directions and time is called qi.

In qigong, through cultivation the human body may bring into play the energy of this matter, which may dispel disease and improve physical condition.

The practitioner releases high-energy mass and high- energy matter in the form of light with tiny particles in great density. This high energy mass is called cultivation of energy, gong.

Kerby Kuek has published 15 books on feng shui, inner alchemy, Taoism and metaphysics. He can be contacted at

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