Fun fest carries scary price

Local | Carine Chow 28 Sep 2021

No haunted houses for Ocean Park's Halloween Fest will be seen this year due to the pandemic.

But haunting elements will be spread across the park's three Halloween attractions on The Summit. A new Halloween menu will also be rolled out, including creepy worms cocktail and a Thai-style green papaya salad with guacamole and OmniTuna, a plant-based tuna product.

The Halloween Fest will open to visitors from Friday to Halloween on October 31, excluding Tuesdays.

One of the three highlighted attractions, "Forbidden Rainforest Treasure Hunt" at Rainforest will see water pistol attacks from staffers acting as cannibals.

Visitors must protect their treasure maps during the attack while riding on rafts through many twists and turns.

Those who do not want to get wet may opt for "Survivors of the Undead," which requires visitors to find vials in a wasteland while escaping attacks. They may also try "The Supernatural Ghost Tour," which features "soul catchers."

Visitors who would like to access the three attractions will have to buy an additional Halloween combo ticket that costs HK$280 on top of their general admission tickets, which costs HK$360 for adults and HK$195 for children aged between three and 11.

Those who only purchased the general admission tickets can still enjoy other attractions such as a nearly five-meter-tall Jack O'Lantern King at the Waterfront Plaza and a light show at the Main Road.

Compared to 2019, when a ticket for unlimited access to all Halloween attractions cost a maximum of HK$498, the new ticket price for adults costs HK$140 more.

But the park's operations and entertainment executive director, Timothy Ng Sau-kin, said that he is confident about the price.

He also said that the price increase was due to the reduced entrance capacity, and because more resources and manpower had been devoted to this year's Halloween attractions.

Ocean Park is allowed to reach up to 75 percent capacity.

The park's popular Halloween Fest was canceled for the first time in two decades last year amid the pandemic.

On the park's anti-epidemic measures, Ng said the park's staffers will put on masks at all times and will use props to avoid contact with visitors.

He added that the performance staff have put some thought into integrating the face masks as part of their make-up for a scary effect.

"We will also stage the events in open spaces so that we have more ventilation as well as to help keep the guests scattered around," he said.

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