Three bailed over viral grilling video

Local | Erin Chan 31 Aug 2021

Three men were released on police bail following the online circulation of a video capturing a YouTuber interrogating a kneeling man who allegedly sexually harassed a 13-year-old boy.

The YouTuber nicknamed "Brother Rock," with nearly 160,000 subscribers, was among the three arrested in Sai Wan, Fan Ling and Wong Tai Sin between last Thursday and Saturday.

The YouTuber and his assistant, both 25, were held for false imprisonment, while the alleged harasser in the video, Hung, 23, was held for possession of child pornography.

Hung's phone was found with more than 100 obscene videos and 50 obscene pictures, police said yesterday.

The 12-minute video, released by Brother Rock on August 23 but now deleted, had 434,525 views as of 5pm yesterday.

The video starts with the assistant of Brother Rock revealing a 13-year-old boy had reached out for help after Hung asked the boy to send photos of his genitals via a messaging app.

In revenge, Brother Rock posed as the boy, asking Hung to meet up outside a restaurant on Dumbarton Road in Kowloon City on July 11.

The video proceeds to show Hung being questioned by Brother Rock while surrounded by three others.

Despite initially denying it, Hung soon admitted that he was there to meet the boy and wished to have sex with the teen.

Brother Rock ordered Hung to kneel on the ground, zooming his camera into Hung's face.

"Will you commit similar offenses again?" Brother Rock shouted at Hung. "Do I need to report you to the police?"

Hung soon kowtowed and apologized, pleading with Brother Rock not to call the police.

When Brother Rock snatched Hung's phone to look through its contents, Hung also admitted that he had paid HK$100 to a 16-year-old boy in order to have sex with him.

Later, Hung is escorted to Carpenter Road Park in the same district, where he is forced to give away the personal information of his family members, write a repentance letter and be photographed.

Brother Rock then called a woman suspected to be Hung's mother at the end of the video.

Kowloon City District inspector Wong Chiu-ting said the case was still under investigation and further arrests were possible.

"Even though standing up to injustice is a good virtue, citizens should immediately report crimes to the police when they spot them," she said.

"Forcing somebody to confess their crimes might tamper with police investigation."

She said anyone who possesses child pornography faces a fine of up to HK$1 million and five years in prison on conviction.

"Parents, please pay attention to the way your children use the internet, making sure they do not easily say yes to the requests of online strangers to meet in person," she said.

Brother Rock, who is known for exposing scams and fraudsters on his YouTube channel, has been branded "the reincarnation of justice" by netizens.

But he had stopped operating his YouTube channel for over a year due to unknown reasons before releasing the Hung video this month.

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