Hearts break as 'cutest girl in world' dies

Local | Wallis Wang 26 Jul 2021

Coka, a one-year-old premature baby girl who suffered from short bowel syndrome and organ failure, died in her mother's arms on Saturday.

Her parents decided to stop giving her heart-strengthening medicine on the advice of doctors at Queen Mary Hospital to help her finish her last journey comfortably.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Coka's parents said they were proud to have had Coka as a daughter, who they said was the "prettiest and cutest girl in the whole world." They also said Coka was finally free and they had seen their little girl's persistence.

The parents also reminded their daughter "to get her favorite snacks from god in heaven."

"Coka has brought happiness and laughter to many people in her life. She was a joy to everyone," her parents said.

The parents also thanked the public for their love and support of Coka.

Coka was born prematurely after only 31 weeks into the pregnancy and suffered from necrotizing enterocolitis. The disease is more common in premature babies and causes severe injury or inflammation in the baby's gut.

Coka went through four surgeries, but her health deteriorated this month, which led to bleeding in her mouth, nose and throat.

As advised by the doctor, her parents decided to stop giving her cardiotonics - medication used to treat cardiac insufficiencies.

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