Tong 'posed risk as cops lined up on roads against protesters'

Local | Wallis Wang 25 Jun 2021

A motorcyclist came within a meter of police officers as he sped along streets in Wan Chai while flying a flag imprinted with a protest slogan, an officer testified in Hong Kong's first national security trial.

There were cheers from protesters as waiter Tong Ying-kit sped his way through police lines, the high court heard on the second day of the trial before national security judges Anthea Pang Po-kam, Esther Toh Lye-ping and Wilson Chan Ka-shun.

The 24-year-old pleads not guilty to inciting secession and engaging in terrorist activities while allegedly riding a motorcycle into a group of officers while flying a flag with the slogan "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of the times" on July 1. He also denies an alternative charge of causing grievous bodily harm by dangerous driving.

Superintendent Tam Wan-yee testified yesterday that Tong came on the scene after "defensive lines" of officers on Hennessy Road to stop protesters from advancing and left one lane open on the left for "genuine road users."

At 3.37pm, Tam heard a loud engine sound and saw someone driving through the police lines on a motorcycle.

Tam said the motorcycle was less than a meter away from officers, but no one was hurt. She then asked her colleagues to stay vigilant and stop it.

In cross-examination, senior counsel Clive Grossman pointed out that Tong could have hit officers who were lined up in the other lanes if he was engaging in terrorist activities rather than just riding his motorcycle.

But Tam said she did not know what Tong was thinking, noting that it was easier for him to ride on the left lane because the other lanes were blocked.

Tam also said Tong rode the motorcycle at a high speed and she could not even read its plate as it passed by.

She agreed Tong could have turned into the middle lane to ram officers.

Grossman asked if Tong avoided hitting police officers. But he was interrupted by Toh, who said his question involved Tong's state of mind at the time and Tam might not be able to answer it.

Senior inspector Wong Hon-wai said he thought the motorcycle was traveling at more than 50 kilometers per hour and would cause danger to officers and nearby crowds.

He added that Tong went even faster when crossing police lines.

Sergeant Chu Kong told the court that Tong did not stop when he tried to stop him.

Chu, who claimed to have 20 years of experience riding motorcycles, said Tong began to speed up when 20 to 25 meters away from him, going from 40 kmh to around 60 kmh.

The trial continues today.

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