Watchdog bowled over by claims for low-carb rice cookers

Local | Carine Chow 16 Jun 2021

The Consumer Council yesterday warned against the use of "low-carb rice cookers," saying many models fail to significantly reduce carbohydrate content in rice.

The watchdog tested 11 such cooker models and found the average carbohydrate content per 100g of rice from low-carb cookers was approximately only 4 percent lower than rice from traditional cookers.

On average, rice from low-carb cookers had 31.3g of carbohydrates per 100g of rice against 32.7g from traditional cookers.

Manufacturers claimed they could reduce the carbohydrate content by adding an extra inner pot that will allow carbohydrate-infused water to drain away.

However, in six models made by Goldenwell, Toshiba, Primada, Vdada, Daewoo and ecHome, the carbohydrate content was between 0.6 percent and 16.5 percent higher than in rice cooked in traditional cookers. Goldenwell fared the worst here. Japanese gadget vendor Thanko was the top performer, reducing carbohydrate content by 37.6 percent.

For the nine models that offered both "low-carb" and "normal" modes, the council noticed just minor differences.

The carbohydrate content saw on average a 12 percent reduction when in low-carb mode.

The council reminded consumers, especially those with diabetes, to control their meal intake rather than relying on low-carb rice cookers.

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