Doc fired for sending pic of private parts

Local | Maisy Mok 13 May 2021

A doctor at University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital has been fired after he sent a photo of his private parts to a female patient.

The patient posted about the incident online on Friday, saying she first went to the hospital's breast unit in 2019 after discovering a lump on one of her breasts.

She was not allowed to choose a female doctor and was assigned a male one instead.

The doctor ended the examination by asking her to be his friend on WeChat on the excuse that it would be easier for her to pose medical questions to him.

"I was kind of shocked at the time, because I thought doctors don't usually add patients as WeChat friends," the patient said.

She visited the doctor two to three times at the hospital before leaving Shenzhen due to a job transfer.

However, the doctor continued to chat with her from time to time.

When they talked about physical examinations on Friday, the doctor said: "You have beautiful breasts."

He also said he used to be an intern in the andrology department and sent a photo of his private parts to the woman.

"I was shocked at the time and disgusted," she said. "I felt offended by his behavior."

When she told the doctor his behavior was "inappropriate" and that she had taken a screenshot of his messages, the doctor said: "It's nothing. I've also seen your [breast] anyway and now we are even."

The patient then blocked the doctor on WeChat, but the doctor called her three times and she had to put him on her blacklist as well.

However, he managed to find another number for her through her medical records and called her.

She hung up as soon as she found out he was the caller.

He then resorted to calling her using the hospital's public phone, asking her not to publish the WeChat records.

The patient then filed a complaint to the hospital, urging it to launch an investigation.

"It would be best if the hospital could fire him. If he continues to work after being suspended, who would dare see a doctor?" she said.

In response, the hospital said the doctor has been suspended since 11pm on Friday, hours after the the complaint was lodged, but refused to say whether he was from the mainland or Hong Kong.

It decided to fire him on Tuesday, saying he has seriously violated professional ethics and his behavior has affected trust in the medical profession as a whole.

The hospital said the doctor has still not realized the seriousness of the incident and how "abominably" he has behaved.

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