Ancient post office battered by bus

Local | Erin Chan 7 May 2021

A bus knocked down and injured a motorcyclist before ramming into Stanley post office, Hong Kong's oldest in service. The post office was closed for repairs.

The bus driver, Lau, 57, who reported feeling unwell, and the motorcyclist, Wong, 38, who has injuries to his head, chest and limbs, were sent to hospital in stable condition.

No arrests were made yesterday.

A four-meter and a two-meter crack appeared in the wooden front door and the beam on the right-hand side of the post office - a grade II historical structure - and canopy on top of the building collapsed.

The letter box next to the post office, built in 1937, suffered a knock and barbed wires around it were destroyed.

A white pillar and a 20-meter-tall Chinese banyan tree in front of the post office snapped.

After the Architectural Services Department's preliminary assessment, Hong Kong Post said the post office was not in a danger of collapse. But it would be closed temporarily.

A mobile post office vehicle would park next to it today to offer services, including distributing Covid specimen packs.

"Hong Kong Post would pursue compensation after assessing the extent of damage," it said.

The accident happened at 6.30 pm Wednesday when a Citybus No 73 was traveling along Tung Tau Wan Road in Stanley toward Stanley Village from Cyberport.

On turning right into Stanley Village Road, it knocked down a southbound motorcyclist.

The bus driver then lost control and rammed into the sidewalk, before crashing into the banyan tree and the post office.

The post office underwent a major restoration in 2007, including installing a manual stamp vending machine, a cast iron posting box bearing the royal cipher of King George, refurbishing window grilles and renovating its roof.

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