Schools ban for mobiles

Local | 23 Apr 2021

Banning the use of mobile phones in schools may seem like a futile endeavor - particularly now, when almost every student is sure to have one on them.

But that hasn't stopped Britain's education secretary, Gavin Williamson - not to mention the schools themselves - from giving it a college try.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Williamson said that phones should not be "used or seen during the school day," although he did concede that schools should make their own policies on the matter. The reason?

"Outside the classroom, the use of mobile phones distracts from healthy exercise and good old-fashioned play," he said. "Worse, it acts as a breeding ground for cyber-bullying and the inappropriate use of social media sites."

But Williamson wasn't all doom and gloom - he did admit that "technology has been invaluable in keeping children learning during lockdowns." And it appears that most schools agree with him.

Teacher Tapp, an app that conducts daily surveys of about 8,500 teachers, says most schools already have policies limiting the use of phones. About half of secondary schools and most primaries ban the use of phones during breaks as well. Welcome to the tech age?


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