Handling a testing time

Local | 16 Apr 2021

Do you know what the highest mountain in Wales is? Or what year the UK Bill of Rights went into effect?

If you don't and you're planning to become a citizen of the United Kingdom, you'll need to do a bit of studying.

By now you're probably familiar with the BNO visa scheme and its 5+1 pathway to citizenship. Briefly, after five years of living in the United Kingdom you can to apply for what's known formally as Indefinite Leave to Remain, and a year after that, you may apply for citizenship.

Sounds easy, except you'll need to pass the Secure English Language Test and handle the Life in the UK test.

The English is relatively straightforward, but the 45-minute Life in the UK test will quiz you on a range of topics, including British values, traditions, history, government and law. To pass you'll need to get 18 out of 24 questions correct.

Other than knowing Wales' highest mountain and the history of the Bill of Rights, you may also be tested on things like as being able to name the British rower who won five consecutive Olympic gold medals, the inventor of the World Wide Web or the first people to arrive on the British Isles during the Stone Age.

Don't fret though: tests are covered in Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents.

So be sure to grab a copy and then hit the books in seeking to pass with flying colors.

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