Pan-dems employ new strategy

Local | Michael Shum 23 Oct 2020

Civic Party's Jeremy Tam Man-ho spent 15 minutes discussing the meaning of the phrase "reasonable effort," as the pro-democracy camp adopts a new filibustering strategy.

The pro-democracy camp appeared to be filibustering to delay the vote of all bills tabled to the Legislative Council in order to stall a government bill allowing Hongkongers on the mainland to vote. The bill could roll out as soon as next month.

The lawmakers spent a long time discussing a bill regarding reducing the number of judges required for a case at the Court of Appeal from three to two, which was intended to speed up the processing of cases.

Some of their arguments were deemed irrelevant or repetitive by Legco president Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, who demanded lawmakers keep their speeches concise, stopping Labour Party's Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung from continuing his speech.

"I have to strike an appropriate balance between lawmakers' right to speak and the effective operation of the legislature. Therefore, I cannot allow lawmakers to speak on each and every provision of the bill," he said.

The pro-democracy camp requested six quorum calls within three hours of the morning session, taking the count to 35 in just three days.

Pro-democracy camp convener and Democratic Party chairman Wu Chi-wai said one of their main aims is to block the government's "evil laws" from passing.

"It is expected that the government will table a bill to allow people to vote from the mainland, which might hamper the core interests of Hongkongers," he said. "Therefore, the pro-democracy camp has to make use of the legislature's procedures to block it with our limited ability."

Convener of the pro-establishment camp, Martin Liao Cheung-kong, slammed the pro-democracy lawmakers for "finding something to say out of nowhere."

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