Cops face down Ma On Shan skinny-dipper

Local | Maisy Mok 23 Oct 2020

The woman who shot to internet fame for bathing naked in a mountainside, stream-fed pool has finally been warned about her behavior.

But the caution was not for skinny-dipping but for doing her laundry at a stream near the reservoir and a tinder was found nearby.

A spokesman for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said it received a report yesterday about someone washing clothes at a stream near the Ngau Wu reservoir in Ma On Shan.

Sources said when officers arrived at the scene around 11am they found a woman - clothed - who had indeed been washing clothes and brushing her teeth. But she was also suspected of lighting a small fire close by.

"Officers of the department immediately notified the police who took over the case," the AFCD official said.

Sources said the woman involved is the same female caught on video bathing naked in a nearby pool - footage that was soon posted online.

This time she hurried away on her bicycle after receiving warnings about her behavior from officers.

Signs near there warn people about the country park and special area regulations.

They read: "No person shall within a country park or special area willfully or negligently obstruct or pollute in any way any stream, watercourse, pool or water. Offenders will be prosecuted."

The woman's bathing escapade had gone viral after the 47-second video was posted on a hiking group's Facebook page last Friday.

The video shows the woman bathing naked in a pool while an elderly man wearing a blue shirt watches her every move.

People were walking past the scene, and the woman saw them but appeared unfazed that someone was filming her.

The video includes a female voice saying: "Look at this woman. I don't even know whether this is a Hongkonger, bathing with no clothes ... Those who walk by don't care. How is this possible? This is polluting Hong Kong."

The AFCD spokesman noted that before they received the report the patrolling officers had not seen anyone polluting the water system or involved in any illegal activities.

The department will continue to strengthen patrols at Ma On Shan Country Park.

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