Lee urges Taiwan to 'open door'

Local | Maisy Mok 22 Oct 2020

The key to further action is on the Taiwanese side, Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu said in response to a plea by the parents of murder victim Poon Hiu-wing for him to facilitate the surrender of murder suspect Chan Tong-kai to Taiwan.

"Although Chan is under the protection of the police, if he wishes to apply for a visa, the police will not stop him," Lee said.

Sources say the police are planning to stop providing a safe house for Chan in a month or two. But Reverend Peter Koon Ho-ming, who has been helping Chan, said he is not sure about that.

Lee criticized Taiwan for making juridical assistance from the government a prerequisite for Chan's surrender.

Lee said he understood from the media that Chan's legal representative had contacted Taiwan's "single window" liaison point many times, but had not received a reply, saying: "Taiwan seems to be unable to open this window."

"The key for further action is not the Hong Kong government. The key to further action is the Taiwan side. Open the door, open the window," Lee said.

Poon's parents had delivered an open letter to Lee on Tuesday, asking him to "release" Chan and assist in the surrender.

Separately, the Democratic Party's Roy Kwong Chun-yu asked Lee at Legco yesterday whether the government had learned of the plan of the 12 detainees in Shenzhen before they were intercepted by Guangdong coast guards, as media reported that the Government Flying Service had flown over the group's planned route that day.

Lee said Hong Kong police were not involved in the arrest and the government will not tolerate "scripts" that target the government and smear the police force.

He added that the Government Flying Service's daily aircraft deployment and navigation details will not be disclosed.

After the meeting, Lee was swamped outside the chamber by pan-democratic lawmakers, who chanted "shame on Lee for avoiding questions" and "shame for conspiring to send [the 12 detainees] to China."

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