CUHK president Rocky Tuan targeted on website

Local | Wallis Wang 16 Oct 2020

The president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Rocky Tuan Sung-chi, has seen some personal information revealed on what is claimed to be a name-and-shame website.

That has led the university to demand HK Leaks remove from its site Tuan's office phone number, his birthday and the name of his wife.

But it would seem such easily obtained information alone is not what has irked some people but claims alongside it.

For Tuan is said to have "abdicated the responsibility of being a teacher and publicly defended students arrested for rioting regardless of law and order." Further, he has "wreaked havoc in Hong Kong."

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data said yesterday it was investigating the publishing of information about Tuan on HK Leaks.

But the office said the domain name was registered outside Hong Kong so it had to contact overseas agencies to cooperate before moving against the website.

It added that similar websites have appeared before. And web pages with Hong Kong-registered domain names had shut down after the office took action.

Meanwhile, CUHK officials said yesterday the university has contacted the person in charge of the website, asking for the removal of Tuan's information.

Meantime, the university may file a complaint to the privacy commissioner.

HK Leaks has revealed information on 2,551 people, including protesters, political figures, teachers and journalists.

Alongside Tuan, 29 teachers have seen their information revealed, including several members of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union.

Education sector lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen, also the vice president of the teachers' union, has also seen his date of birth, office telephone number, his wife's name and Facebook account go on the website.

In his case, HK Leaks claimed: "Ip has indoctrinated teachers and students with hatred against police ... He has made students become political victims."

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