Scooter sparks deadly blaze

Local | Cissy So 3 Jul 2020

A 63-year-old man died and two men were injured in a fire caused by a short-circuiting electric scooter at a flat in Leung King Estate, Tuen Mun.

The one who died, Wong, lived in the flat where the fire erupted, while his wife and daughter managed to escape to safety.

Wong was unconscious when he was sent to Tuen Mun Hospital where he was declared dead.

The two injured men felt unwell after inhaling smoke and were conscious as they were taken to the hospital.

One of them, Tsang, 59, is in a critical condition, while the other, Lee, 58, is stable.

Neighbors said that there was a loud explosion on the seventh floor at around 3am yesterday, with some 300 residents being woken up.

A fire then broke out at the flat, with thick smoke engulfing the building.

More than 10 residents who were in the midst of evacuation became trapped on a stairwell. The group was later led to safety by firemen, who battled the blaze for 40 minutes.

A resident, Ng, said that she did not hear any fire alarm go off.

"I only realized there was a fire when my daughter called to check up on me," Ng said.

A preliminary investigation found that a burnt electric scooter under the bed was the suspected cause of the fire.

Wong reportedly urged his family to leave upon being woken up by the fire.

He attempted to fight it but was unable to drag the fire hose from the corridor.

Residents said there had been fires at neighboring flats in 2002 and 2018.

In January 2018, a fire broke out in a flat opposite Wong's home during which a 48-year-old woman, Wong, died.

Several fires have previously been caused by electric scooters, with the latest prior incident occurring on February 28 when a seven-year-old boy died as his scooter was being charged in the corridor.

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