Coalition calls for discounts

Local | Staff reporter 12 Jun 2020

An alliance co-founded by two former chief executives called on businesses to offer discounts to residents to encourage them to spend their HK$10,000 handouts locally.

Details of various discounts and promotions offered by businesses will be uploaded to the coalition's shared online platform of the coalition.

The Hong Kong Coalition, founded by former chief executives Tung Chee-hwa and Leung Chun-ying, encouraged the public to spend the handouts in their daily lives.

This came as registration for the HK$10,000 handout announced in the last budget is expected to open on June 21. According to the government, people will start receiving their handouts in July.

Wholesale and retail sector lawmaker Peter Shiu Ka-fai said: "I believe many Hongkongers cannot travel to other countries in the near future. Therefore, instead of saving the money in the bank, I encourage people to help Hong Kong and spend the money locally."

The coalition also encouraged companies to offer more discounts on their goods and services.

Connie Wong Wai-ching, one of the conveners of the coalition, said: "I hope shops, shopping malls and hotels across Hong Kong will put up their discounts and details regarding their promotions on this platform, which will encourage consumption in the city." The coalition dismissed claims it is launching a "blue economy" to counter pro-democracy supporters' "yellow economy," who only frequent like-minded businesses and boycotted any on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

The coalition's vice secretary-general, Kennedy Wong Ying-ho, said: "This is an open platform for discounts and promotional activities information, and is free of labels regarding their political stance."

He added that the emphasis is on supporting the economy: "As we all know, boosting [local] consumption will have a positive impact on our economy and GDP."

All merchants are welcome to participate, the coalition said, adding the there would be no time limit for the discounts.

It added that more than 1,000 restaurants had indicated their willingness to take part and they expected beauty and Chinese medicine providers to join later on.

Twenty-one shopping malls of Sun Hung Kai Properties, CRcare, Tong Ren Tang alongside other chains also took part, offering discounts and lucky draws for customers.

However, information on the coalition website remains vague, with some merchants only posting photos and the location of their shop, without offering details on their promotions.

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