Lots of heart asgamble pays off

Local | Cissy So 5 Jun 2020

A father broke down in tears of joy after his three-year-old son called him to say "I love you" after a fifth operation to install a pacemaker.

The young boy, Kansas Cheng, has required constant surgery since birth due to atrioventricular septal defect, a form of congenital heart disease.

Kansas underwent his first heart surgery when he was just seven days old, but it proved to be ineffective.

Doctors later informed his father, Jayco Cheng, that there was a procedure that could help Kansas but the success rate was very low.

But Cheng decided to give it a try as Kansas had already had three heart operations by the age of one.

To support Kansas, Cheng tattooed a copy of his son's scar from one operation onto his chest and set up a foundation to cover any future medical needs.

On May 27, Kansas had his fourth heart operation, which succeded in putting on mechanical heart valves.

But his heartbeat became slower and arrhythmic, leading to an urgent fifth operation on Tuesday to install a pacemaker.

Due to the current pandemic, Cheng was unable to be with his son and was forced to wait for a call from the doctors every night for updates, the three-year-old's mother Doris wrote in a social media posting.

After the fifth operation, Kansas asked nurses to call his father yesterday to say "daddy, I love you," with Cheng crying with happiness at the call.

"The doctor has said multiple times that Kansas' condition is very good, that the doctor's affirmation reassures us a lot," Doris wrote.

Cheng took the time to thank his employer on social media after he was given five days' paid leave to care for his son.

"Love is in the air," he wrote. "When everyone is receiving a no-pay leave, I got paid leave."

Many people online commented on the posts from Kansas' parents, expressing their support and happiness for the family.

Kansas is set for another heart operation in two years, to ensure his heart reaches over 90 percent functionality.

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